Real Estate Litigation


Representation of buyers and sellers in disputes about land, buildings, and structures situated on the property, and in disputes between real estate buyers and sellers, such as nondisclosure of defects or other material facts, commission disputes with a real estate agent, faulty inspections, faulty appraisal, problems with loan brokers or lenders, and more. We use mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services to help achieve a settlement outside the courtroom when possible.

Construction Disputes

Representation of homeowners, contractors, design professionals, and suppliers in two party or complex multi-party legal actions for construction defects.

Business and Corporate Litigation

Business and corporate litigation can involve a wide range of legal issues. These include breach of contract, creditor’s rights, collection matters, provisional remedies such as injunctions or attachments, shareholder suits, partnership disputes, fraudulent transfers, and stock purchase and sale disputes. At Long Law Offices, we understand the complexities involved in business and corporate litigation and strive to help our clients succeed.

Trust and Estates Disputes

The death or incapacity of a loved one can create many complex and challenging legal issues. Long Law Offices helps you navigate in the complex process. We assist with will and trust contests, power of attorney contests, trust disputes, litigation involving fiduciaries or beneficiaries, fraudulent transfers, protection of beneficiary rights, interpretation of wills and trusts, and related concerns. We advocate for our client’s rights and interests throughout the entire process, and we are committed to helping families settle disputes amicably where possible.